Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sew Lovely......

Many people are quick to say that the long held traditions of handmade craftsmanship is only a thing of past, but I say it just isn't so! There has been a new, almost rebirth of people uncovering and reinventing the daily duties of our grand parents generation and making them their own.

These artists are not only creating beautiful masterpieces, they are sharing their craft with an eager public. I myself have discovered a tiny little jewel that lies right in the heart of the Bishop Arts District. This fun and funky studio/boutique houses goodies made by locals including one of a kind metal jewelry, bags and screen printed pillows bearing some of the most classic lyrics of all time. In addition to selling the awesome creations, Make Studio hosts numerous classes each week for enthusiastic patrons that want to take the creation into their own hands.

Sewing has been a skill that I have wanted to learn for sometime now and thanks to the studio, I am well on my way. Check back for my progress as the journey continues.

Having said that, I encourage you to seek out a place like this in your neighborhood, go learn something new and share it!


  1. Holland! I love Julie from Make, did she teach your class? I have a spot at Indie Genius - you'll have to check it out the next time you're in the Bishop Arts District! Hope you're doing well, just came across your blog. I'll be a regular visitor!

  2. Hello doll! Yes, Julie is amazing! I am doing the make project right now so I am out there every Sunday for the next few weeks. I will check out your space next time I am out there. I also need to touch base with you about creating some invites!!