Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Funky Finds

One of my very favorite past times is treasure hunting in vintage re-sale shoppes! Unfortunately, neither set of grandparents left me hoards of old time goodies so these stores serve as my lifeline for unique and special items from the generations past. 

Last weekend the mister and I went on an expedition of the vintage kind and found two AMAZING locations I wanted to share with you! 

Dolly Python has been called the "best vintage store in Dallas" by reviews on Yelp. And in my opinion this statement is not far from the truth. The hidden treasure is a little off the beaten path on Haskell Ave. in the east side of Dallas. It houses a ton of amazing vintage items and oddities. Including clothes, cameras and great 60's style furniture! If you are on this side of town or even relatively close I recommend making the trip!

Another note worthy stop on the hunt was to Gratitude Vintage. Let me start with a warning: This store is BUSTING AT THE SEAMS with goods so prepare yourself to dig for a find! With that being said, many of you are probably like me and the hunt makes the prize that much more valuable. The store is going through a owner change so they are offering huge discounts on tons of items and are willing to negotiate on everything! My suggestion is to head that way soon. 

Now it is your turn! If you have a favorite second hand store please share it below. I know I have a few followers that would enjoy hearing about another place they can spend a Saturday afternoon losing themselves for an hour or so!

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