Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday Funday: Main St.

What could be better than enjoying the work of over 200 artists, numerous musical acts and countless art & crafts? Doing it all for free!! 

The 2011 Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival is "the Southwest's largest, four-day visual arts and entertainment festival, four days of fine art, food, fun and festivities!" The center of Sundance Square is home to the festival and all major streets shut down to make way for the thousands of visitors who attend during the four days.


The mister and I are always up for anything with art in the title so we made it out for the final day of the festivities. To sweeten the experience, I received some sky box tickets to enjoy the main stage and my giant turkey leg in seats out of the sun! We were just in time to hear the sounds of Me and My Monkey, a pretty decent Beatles cover band. 

After that we meandered through the endless sea of people and amazing creations. The weather was wonderful, except for the occasional crazy burst of wind, which made for a perfect Sunday afternoon. 

As we drove away from our funday it made me think, what other festivals can a girl like me look forward to in the months to come? So I did a little research and here are the ones that caught my eye. I would love for you to post any that you know of!! 

I know my style is a little newer than this, but I am obsessed!! (It is going on now!)

This would be totally worth the drive! A week of art in Austin??!!

A festival just for the mister

Perfect place for a picnic 


  1. Hey Holland--the metal-marble maze art booth was my favorite at Main Street! Love that you have a pic of it : )

    --Katie B.

  2. I LOVED the marble maze! I was totally enthralled! I think we stood there staring for a good 15 mins trying to figure it all out!! :P