Friday, June 10, 2011

A Magical Night of Theatre

I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic evening of theatre this week at the incredible Winspear Opera House! This breath taking structure is the temporary home to the traveling cast of Billy Elliot: The Musical.  

My lovely parents and the mister joined me for the mid-week performance. It was a fun "double date" night to break up the monotony of the week. (And mid-week or matinee performances are always a little easier on the wallet)

I approached the show with an open mind since I wasn't really sure what to expect and I must say I was blown away. For starters, the production value was incredible. I have been lucky enough to take in a few shows on Broadway and compared the touring cast was fantastic. Billy Elliot: The Musical had astonishing depth and content far beyond the surface fun of the title. The leads and supporting ensemble dealt with real life political issues and struggles intertwined with the beauty of dance and song. 

I felt the masterful execution of the blend between the adult subject matter and the consistent childlike enthusiasm throughout the young cast members was extraordinary. (If you have seen the production, the best example is when the police/picketers are waring between the ballet class) Amazing!

My favorite scene above all the rest was the dreamlike ballet duet performed by the young Billy and his adult counterpart. I was almost to tears by the end of their dance. 

The show is only here a few more days, but the tour is nationwide! So check and see if it is coming your way anytime soon. 

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