Monday, June 6, 2011

Wearing a Work of Art

As a walked through the office this morning, I happened upon a lovely piece of art. This handcrafted genius was not where one my expect hanging from the wall or placed to precision in my path. This unique sculpture of sorts was parading through the office on the feet of my co-worker!

I love when I am inspired to post by the creativity and vision of the people who surround me. My co-worker just returned from a recent trip to NYC. While there, she did a little shopping in SOHO and became the owner of a fabulous pair of Irregular Choice shoes!! 

Duke, Spat Attack,  Lola Clutch Bag

This England based enterprise, founded in 1999, offers an entire collection of crazy, elaborate and spectacular fashion. I have selected a few of my favs to share, but there are so many wonderful creations on their site to satisfy your Monday blues. 

Patty Clutch Bag, Abigails Party, So-Yeon Sarah

Here's to a little shoe therapy!! 

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