Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Knowledge is Power

Today was a great day! The company that I work for is celebrating their tenth year in business and has created an awesome program, Ten Random Acts of Kindness, to honor the occasion. The program is designed to commemorate the achievement by giving back to the community that has helped them thrive. 

We participated in our third act of ten this afternoon. For the past two weeks, our office has been collecting children's books from friends, neighbors and local stores in preparation for a free book fair. In total, we collected over 800 books! Our company selected a school only a few miles from the office and set up the fair with the school officials. 

The team of volunteers went to the library this morning and set up a few tables lined with books. Teachers brought their classes by one at a time in 15 minute intervals and each student got to take home one book to keep for summer reading. It was awesome!! The kids were so excited and absolutely grateful. It was so neat watching them carefully select their prized piece of literature and inscribe their name on the inside cover. 

I felt so inspired by the simple joy of receiving and giving such a humble gift. It has motivated me to look for more opportunities to get involved in my local community! Do you volunteer? Is there a program that you recommend getting involved in? 

I challenge you to introduce this idea to your company, church or group of friends! You don't have to take on a whole school like we did. Start small. Maybe just one grade or a local children's program like the Boys and Girls Club. I guarantee any help you are willing to offer will make a difference to your neighbor. 

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  1. This is great! Volunteering and serving others brings a spiritual joy like none other. Great work, Holland! Keep it up and I bet you'll find what it is you're looking for as mentioned in your "Bittersweet Farewell" post. ;)