Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A bittersweet farewell

Today marks a very bittersweet farewell. One of my dearest friends, Kat, is biding adieu to her warm southern home and preparing to make a fresh start in oh so beautiful Denver.  

Funny Face Movie Still with Audrey Hepburn

I am so excited for her, but a little sad mixed with a hint of envy for me. I have a hard time allowing myself to become vulnerable and open. Because of this, I have a limited number of people of which I consider friends and now I am losing one to the north. I know it is a little silly and I am making it seem like the next great civil war, but I am already mourning the loss of our after work happy hours and girl time. 

In addition to loosing her, I am so envious of her impending journey. The thought of unknown adventures on the horizon is so exhilarating! I love change. I adore the movement and progression of all that I know. And now she is off to conquer new heights and I am still searching for the next step on my path. 

While I continue the search, I will be happy for my friend and empowered by her bold decision to make a change and take a chance on the possibilities ahead. 

Best of luck sweet friend. I will see you soon!! 

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