Friday, May 20, 2011

Stormy Nights Ahead

According to the weatherman, there are major storms ahead. Many people might get a little down at the thought of having to stay in doors during the weekend, but not yours truly. I love the rain. I adore the sound, the smell and the sentimental mood it puts me in. 

For the stormy night ahead, the mister and I have an indoor date night planned. I have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of Blue Valentine in my cue and like perfect timing it arrived in my mailbox yesterday! I, of course, have selected a few of my other rainy date night delights to accompany the movie: the sweet sent of a rain candle, a cozy oversized sweater and a blanket to cuddle underneath. 

Now for either before or after the film, I included a few of our other favorite things. A wonderful dual chess/wine opener set (this thing would be AMAZING for an afternoon picnic), of course the bottle of vino to open and the incredible Mr. Davis as the soundtrack to accompany the entire evening. 

What do you have planned for the weekend ahead? Do you have a beloved rainy day must have?? 

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